Be a Pro at Cooking With Marley Spoon

As we promise to bring value to end consumers and customers. Here’s a story of Julie who had a great dinner with her friends by using Marley Spoon food box. Have a read!

An unexpected party turned out to be a super hit with utmost appreciation for my cooking skills. Here’s my story of how I had my first cooking experience with Marley Spoon. I can tell you one thing that the best part of the story is the Marley Spoon voucher code that I found on Marleyspoonfoodtours.

I have just passed my college. I am an official bachelor now. A few days before graduation, I got a job interview call and they told me to join it as soon as I finish my college. So the very next day, I joined the job and started working in a reputable organization. There I got the chance to work with a very pretty girl who I had a crush on for almost six months not because she’s pretty but because she had a special Marley Spoon Promo Code for me.

I never had guts to tell her. I wanted to impress her but she was way better than me in every task given by our bosses. One day, in an office party, she confessed that she does not know how to cook and really like those boys who are up with good cooking skills. As she is a foodie, she has tried almost all the restaurants and every delicious food in town.

I don’t know what came into my head, I decided to call all office mates at my place and cook for everyone, especially her. The next day, I called for a party at my home; good food and classic wine. The most important thing to mention here is I have never ever cooked before in my entire life. After throwing this party, I went panicked because I had no idea how I am going to impress her. I just called every one without even thinking once.

Daily I used to give once hour to internet searching for good Italian food because she loves Italian. I once tried to prepare something but it ended up really bad. I called my mom and asked for a suggestion. She told me about Marley spoon; an online grocery store where you can get the fresh raw food of your favorite recipes. It’s like a huge meal box which contains all the grocery that you need to cook with instructions about how to cook them. It is very simple. You need to select your desired dish online and place the order. They have easy payment methods and no extra charges for delivery.

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I ordered four dishes for six people and was easily prepared. Everything smelled delicious and guests seemed to be quite impressive with it. They were so happy after diner, especially that girl. I was not expecting so good compliments about my cooking. That day went supremely well much more than my expectations that I couldn’t resist giving feedback to Marley Spoon.

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